Dead Pop Hell is a vector artist bringing you his own brand of Drop Dead Sexy Graphic style. Clean lines, pop colors, and sensuous curves are the characteristics that make up his artwork.


It all started with the innocence of super hero coloring books and my kindergarten drawings of pets, cars and sunsets! (awwww….)

After entering middle school this “cutesy” phase ended and my interests moved toward the world of Heavy Metal. (I have to thank Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Motley Crue for that).

I became obsessed with the dark and demonic. My notebook was filled with illustrations of skulls, pentagrams, and Iron Maiden’s mascot, “Eddie”. My parents were NOT thrilled, to say the least.

Then I was off to High School and found new distractions! Artist, Pushead was a huge inspiration to me at this time (still is), as well as was Skateboarding graphics, Rock’n Roll posters and of course… comic girls!

After High School I dove into the world of anime, comics and Fantasy Art. I looked forward to each monthly issue of Heavy Metal Magazine and Image Comics GEN-13. My appetite for “Hot Girls” and “Pinups” were satiated by artwork done by J. Scott Campbell, Frazetta, Boris, Olivia and Simon Bisley.


I began a career in Graphic Design and within in a year or two began designing websites. Fulfilling my need for creativity, my career path brought me to a whole new level of art exploration and self expression.

It was through design work that I devoted myself to studying the tools of my trade, all of which I continue to use today. I use Photoshop & Illustrator to design websites, create page layouts, work with typography and produce logos. As my comfort level and expertise grew using these programs, I branched out further to create “illustrative” graphics and eventually the body of artwork you see today.

All the above led to establishing Dead Pop Hell (formerly Drop Dead Sexy) in 2005. Dead Pop Hell serves as my portfolio, my collection of dark Pinup art and hard-edged custom graphics.


These days I split my work load between creating Graphics and designing & developing  websites! I find fulfillment in both trades, and consider myself extremely lucky to do what I love for a living.

I don’t see my obsession for Pinups and Graphics leaving anytime soon, so take comfort in knowing I’ll be creating lots of new “stuff” for all of you to enjoy!

Have more questions for me? Hit me up through my contact page.

Horns Up and Rock’n Roll,
Mark Wasyl